Thursday, November 24, 2011

Public Idiocy and Nazi Aerobics

At least Lenin had USEFUL IDIOTS
photo credit: The Local
Here is an item which popped up in the Swedish Local news in the last couple of days:

Top young Moderates sacked over Nazi salute.

-"Two young members of the youth wing of the Moderate Party have been asked to leave the organization after posting a picture of themselves making the Nazi salute [with a German flag in the background] on a personal blog. One of them has also been charged with hate speech."

The saluting blogger made some interesting comments, including, "“We were just doing a morning workout,” and this in defense of the Moderate Party “'s wildly immature to use this incident, something two drunk teenagers did sully an entire party". Actually, it was "wildly immature" to get drunk and then post Nazi-looking photos of themselves on the internet, especially when they were affiliated with a public organization, and their actions can be construed politically.

Denying any racist motive she also stated “I judge people, not by the colour of their skin, but by their actions. But in this country, you're a racist no matter what you do.” What will they do at parties now?

Kudos to the Moderate Party for promptly ejecting these intellectually-challenged individuals.

By Chanah Shapira


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