Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rabbi Kesselman on Malmö

Our parallel blog Norway Israel and the Jews, has a Dagens interview translated into English. It's worth reading both as a view of life in Sweden for a Jew who is identifiably Jewish, and as a portrait of courage and humanity.

And, if you want more news on Jewish life and Israel politics in Scandinavia, have a look at the new Danish blog.

The way Sweden is going….

November 8, 2011

By McGonagall

With kind collaboration from a reader with contacts in Sweden. Lets just hope this scenario does not pan out in Norway…

Jews are leaving Malmö in Sweden and the community Rabbi fears the hatred he meets in the city.

In a unique interview in the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter the Rabbi of Malmö blames the political leaders for the hatred growing with young muslims. In peaceful Sweden Jews are not safe and can not walk the streets without fear. It is almost unreal that this is Sweden in 2011, not 1941.

“I wasn’t prepared for the hatred I was to face”

In recent years the hatred of Jews has increased in Malmö. many translocate from there. Rabbi Shneur Kesselman has chosen to stay. But when he came to Malmö seven years ago, he was not prepared for the hatred he would face.

Full interview here.


  1. Well, maybe you should inform people abroad that the new Rabbi Kesselman is an extremist and fundamentalist who tries to persuade young jews in Malmoe to "forget their swedish identity" and move to illegal settlements on occupied territory.

  2. Well, Anonymous, if you were attacked for your religious identity where you were living, leaving would be more pragmatic than extremist. And if you wanted to live someplace which is free and democratic you could choose Israel where there is tolerance for all faiths.

    On the other hand, if you view all of Israel as occupied territory, then you are an extremist.