Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aftonbladet Accuses Israel of Spying in Sweden

As mentioned last week, the US has admitted to conducting surveillance operations which monitor suspicious individuals in Sweden. Shortly after, Aftonbladet also claimed—in   a totally unverified report—that the Israeli embassy, with the help of the Swedish police has been spying in Sweden.
Last week Aftonbladet claimed that not only the US embassy but also the Israeli embassy functions as a base for espionage in Sweden.  Aftonbladet writes that a “source with good insight knows that” Israel is cooperating with both Säpo as well as the Stockholm police. The source is unknown and there are no supporting facts which points towards that this is true.
According to Aftonbladet; “the Israelis have been filming and taking pictures of people outside the embassy and the residence as well as collecting registration numbers from cars. They have also received assistance from the police in order to look up people in government registries.
The base accusations continue in Aftonbladet’s article as the authors Anders Johansson and Karin Östman claim that the cooperation has been going on for several years among lower level personnel. The implication here, according to Aftonbladet, is that head of Säpo is unaware of these alleged covert operations.
According to Aftonbladet’ssecret source”, the cooperation is rewarded with gifts; with the implication in this case that Israel is bribing security personnel.  “Close to Christmas some 100 bottles of alcohol arrive for various policemen; this has been going on for several years…”
As we noted in last week’s post on the accusation against the US embassy, any liberal Western democracy with an embassy in Sweden must have vigilant security. Given Sweden’s failed integration policies, and rising, barely constrained violence among its Muslim immigrant population, the security threat is obvious. Describing American and Israeli attempts to monitor street traffic and mundane operation such as supply deliveries as “espionage” is nothing short of hysteria. And to add in unsubstantiated charges that Swedish police have been colluding with foreign powers is adding insult to injury.
Readers of this blog know that Aftonbladet is all about ridiculous reporting and spreading lies. A recent example of Aftonbladet trash-talking Israel was first and foremost seen in the libelous article from 2009 which fictitiously claimed that Israeli soldiers harvested organs from Palestinian civilians. Its former political editor in chief, Helle Klein used to, until she finally recently resigned, spend a majority of her time criticizing Israel instead of writing about Sweden, Europe or the rest of the world.
Why is Aftonbladet so obsessed with Israel? As a faithful voice of socialist society in Sweden it must be nice for the authors from Aftonbladet to make up stories about Israel; in this way public attention will be distracted from the problems inside Sweden, such as the rise of the incapable and immigrant hostile Sweden Democrats into the Swedish government, and the failure of Swedish authorities to actually implement multi-culturalism in Sweden.
When reading made-up stories about the Israel, Aftonbladet’s readers do not have to think about people being shot in the streets of Malmö—they can focus their time on hating Israel instead…
Still, we here at Sweden Israel and the Jews will not stop writing for the English-reading public, and exposing these libelous articles for what they are. For as long as we can, we will keep exposing the Swedish mainstream media’s base propaganda so that the truth about Sweden’s lies cannot be ignored.

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