Friday, November 19, 2010

How Did Former Nazi Become Candidate for Southern Swedish Communal Council?

According to the anti-racist magazine Expo, an unnamed former Nazi who “previously has been engaged in NSF- National Socialistic Front” (Nationalsocialistisk front) activities, was never entered on the party lists in the communal elections. Instead, he was elected via 23 blank Sweden Democrat (SD) ballots in Ronneby commune which is located in the southern part of Sweden.

For those unfamiliar with parliamentary voting, this means that the 23 votes he received were not enough to get him a seat in the communal council, but he was eligible should others with more votes drop out. Lo and behold, a series of SD individuals have left the council and some space has opened up for this write-in candidate to take a seat on the council.

According to local SD representatives, the former Nazi is not welcome on the council. Local SD representative Richard Jomshof made this statement to local newspaper Blekinke läns tidning disassociating SD from the “candidacy” of the former Nazi:

- “He has absolutely nothing to do with our party. We don’t share the same values and therefore he cannot represent us. It is sad that this group can’t manage to get in by itself”.

The same article notes that the man in question actually has a criminal past; as an
ex-Nazi he ran for the former National Socialist Front in Karlskrona, and was fined for “breaching the Public Order Act in connection with the demonstrations. He has also been sentenced to prison as part of a series of thefts in Blekinge.”

Blekinge läns tidning, notes that he does not seem too eager to become the SD local representative for Ronneby commune. In fact, he denies that he had anything to do with the voting, and is not seeking political office.

One must wonder how the local elections authority failed to disqualify votes for someone with a Nazi and criminal background. Also, the article quoted here does not give the name of the “candidate”. One wonders why this information is withheld. Is it perhaps because the individual is notorious enough to be a serious embarrassment to the authorities? 

Fortunately for the elections authorities and the citizens, Mr. X. Nazi is not interested in the office. Fortunate too, that he is on the right of the spectrum, and in local politics so he can be disposed of easily.

Those on the left, such as flotilla activist Mehmet Kaplan, can also be on the scene at violent protests—those of pipe- and knife-wielding IHH jihadists on the aid-free Mavi Marmara. But in Sweden, when you associate yourself with the perpetrators of serious violence acting on behalf of the genocidal Hamas regime, you still can keep your serious job in the national parliament. In Ronneby, it’s win one, lose one.

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