Monday, November 22, 2010

More Swedish Terror—Abroad and Right at Home

As reported in both the Local and the Stockholm News, the Swedish Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a Swedish national of Tunisian origin has committed a suicide bombing in Iraq.  Details are yet unclear, but a website linked with al-Qaeda had details posted regarding the 36-year-old Stockholm resident.  Apparently the bombing occurred in the city of Mosul, and several people were killed.  The information posted indicates that the man traveled to Iraq with the express intent of dying as terrorist martyr.

As the Stockholm News notes:
-“He is now hailed as a martyr and hero for this deed on Islamic websites.”
No surprises here; it’s obvious that the terrorist network is self-congratulatory.
Nonetheless, it is truly upsetting that “Anna” his Swedish wife, the mother of his four young children, knew that he left on this mission and approved of his plans.  She reported that she was informed of his death by telephone.  She describes the exchange:

-“There was a man who called me. He said very short: ‘Your husband is dead. He has become a martyr.’ And hung up,” she told the newspaper [Expressen].
 “What he has done is right. I’m proud of him.”

In another story, a bomb went off in the early hours this morning in Malmö’s Rosengård district.  There were no injuries, but there was extensive damage to an eight-story building, when the bomb destroyed a convenience store. The explosive material was apparently placed outside the building. (As opposed to the explosion which occurred this year at Malmö’s synagogue, the police characterized the device used in today’s attack as “no firecrackers”.)

The thread linking these two cases is the mentality of acceptance –and even approval—in some circles in Sweden for this kind of terrorist behavior.  In the case of the suicide bomber, his wife “Anna”, apparently a native Swede, has abandoned basic Western principles of rational behavior and not only failed to prevent her husband from succeeding in his murderous mission, but actually approves of this kind of act perpetuated in Iraq.

Similarly, the total ineptitude of Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu, and his abysmal failure to maintain law and order in Rosengård and the rest of Malmö is in a large part responsible for the lawless climate in which today’s explosion took place.   Reepalu has in the past condoned Islamic lawlessness and hate crime directed against Jews in Malmö, justifying these crimes the basis of political ideology. When the law isn’t the law and murderous behavior is accepted as the “cultural norm” of other “equally valid” cultures, this is the result.
Unless the authorities begin to publically repudiate the terrorist ideology behind this kind of criminal activity, it will only get worse.

By: Chanah Shapira


  1. Dear Chanah,
    It is questionable I think if the wife was really "Swedish", i mean ethnicly. It's well-known that Swedish papers are simply lieing about such issues and nothing inhibits them to change a real "Fatima" to a fictitious "anna". Let's not be too naive about these creeps Ithink, 'cause clearly nothing is beyond them in press ethicas in this famously "decent", "honourable" and "fair" - fairly antisemitic - country... LOL!

    Gábor Fränkl

    Budapest, Hungary

  2. She was not Swedish. She looked Somali on a picture. Media says you're a swede as soon as you smelled Swedish sand from a glass bottle on the other side of the globe. This is why some people still have no clue that muslims are committing an array of crimes in sweden.