Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jewish Pro-Israeli Blogger Battered in Norrköping

On Monday evening a Jewish man was attacked in his own home in Norrköping. The perpetrators were two Arab men who managed to force entry into the man’s apartment where they attacked him with a wine bottle.
The attack was published in a local newspaper Monday evening and read:

“Just before 18:30 police and ambulance were called to the scene of an assault in an apartment on Trädgårdsgatan in Norrköping. Two perpetrators dressed in black and with hoods are stated to have entered an apartment and assaulted a person with a wine bottle”.
According to veteran blogger Hans C. Pettersson who writes the “Jihad I Malmö” blog the assault was purely anti-Semitic—due to the fact that the victim was a Jew who was actively and positively blogging about Israel. Pettersson also interviewed the victim who told him:
-“The first thing I heard was “Jew pig”; I was then beaten on the head with a wine bottle 4-5 times…”
The victim also said that a noise from the staircase made the attackers flee the scene while screaming “Yahood” (‘Jew’ in Arabic). When he came back from the hospital he also saw that the two men had tried to rip out his mezuzah from the doorpost.

It is still not known who the perpetrators of the attack are; the victim has reached out to the Pettersson and the readers of “Jihad in Malmö” and wants people who might have heard someone bragging about the attack to call the local Norrköping police at 011-23 63 00.
The description of the two men according to the victim is:
-Two men with Arabic accent, between 180-185 cm, brown eyes, who might have been seen running down Trädgårdsgatan alongside the tram tracks.

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